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Myanmar Military Regime Targets Ethnic Chin Religious Institutions: Arrests and Torture of Christian Pastors

29 September 2021

The Institute of Chin Affairs strongly condemns the recent Myanmar military actions of
violence and persecution against the Chin people including destruction of religious
buildings and arrests and torture of religious leaders. During the ongoing armed conf lict
in Chin State, the Myanmar military deployed troops to occupy Churches and religious
shrines; destroying churches with heavy artillery; burning church property and using the
Church premises for coordinating military operations in the area.

Since the coup on February 1, 2021, fourteen Chin Christian pastors have been unjustly
arrested. The Myanmar Military have arrested eleven Pastors from Chin State; one from
Mandalay and two from Kal ay myo Township. These pastors were severely beaten and
tortured by Myanmar military during their interrogation an d imprisonment. In Thantlang
one pastor was shot dead by the Myanmar military soldiers.

The actions of the Myanmar regime is a deliberate insult to the people and their religio us
values and deeply offend the Christians in Chin State. These acts are punishable under
domestic law as well as war crimes under international law.

The Institute of Chin Affairs calls on the Myanmar military: to immediat e halt all
religious persecution, destroying our Churches, arresting and harassing our religious
leaders. We also call for the immediately release of Rev. Thian Lian Sang and Pastor
Ngai Kung from prison.

The Institute of Chin Affairs also calls on the in ternational community to do whatever
humanely possible to stop the Myanmar military from committing violence and atrocities
in Chin State and all across Myanmar.

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