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The ICA is an independent, non-profit institution dedicated to performing research and analysis of issues affecting the Chin people. We seek to inform, educate, and raise awareness of their struggle and achieve a peaceful, just, democratic society in Chin State while also strengthening unity, tranquility, and harmony among the Chin people worldwide.

The Myanmar Military’s Human Rights Violations against the Chin People after the Military Coup

(From February 2021 to October 1, 2023)

From our careful observations and monitoring, human rights violations against the Chin people have worsened since the 2021 military coup d’état. The following report is made to highlight the horrible atrocities committed by the Myanmar Military and to help in the process of restoring peace and justice.

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There has been a humanitarian crisis in Chin State due to intense fighting between Chin resistance forces and the Myanmar Tatmadaw. Nearly a thousand houses have been destroyed and tens of thousands are forced to flee their homes.
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