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Statement on Myanmar military terrorism in Falam Township

November 1, 2021

The Institute of Chin Affairs is deeply saddened by the war and arson attacks that devastated many civilians in Falam Township.

The military council started a large-scale operation named Operation Anawrahta in Chin State, Sagaing division and Magway division. From October 11 to 25, they burned down 42 houses, including a church building, in three villages in Falam Township. In addition, more than 100 houses were destroyed in more than four villages.

The military council burned 11 houses, including a Baptist church and a warehouse, in Rialti village, Falam Township. Rialti, with 11 houses and a population of 43, was destroyed by the military council. The value of the loss is estimated to be more than 471.2 million Myanmar Kyats.

About 17 houses, including the pastor’s, were set on fire by the military council in the new village of Thlanrawn, which has about 30 houses in total. In addition, about 10 houses were rendered uninhabitable by the military council, and the Baptist church property was burned. The value of the damage is estimated to be more than 169.1 million Myanmar Kyats.

The military council also have twice raided Taal village, set fire to 14 houses, and destroyed three houses with heavy artillery fire. A Baptist church building, and homes were also looted. The value of the damage is estimated to be more than 128.4 million Myanmar Kyats.

The military junta fired heavy artillery shells at residential villages, killing livestock and destroying utilities and property. Household goods were also looted. More than 100 houses were burglarised in the village of Ramthlo, which has just more than 160 houses in total.

The actions of the military council are deliberate, attacking civilians for military purposes. Violent attacks by the military council forced the entire village to flee, and the number of people fleeing the war has risen to nearly 10,000 in Falam Township alone.

The military council troops storming the villages, burning down almost the entire village, and the use of heavy artillery fire in homes are clearly crimes against humanity and war crimes.

We urge the international community to take immediate action against the military council in Chin State and across the country as soon as possible.