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Crimes and atrocities committed by the Myanmar junta troops against Chin people in October 2021

October 4

About 10 military vehicles from the Myanmar junta troops left south from Kalaymyo and headed for Parmon Chaung village in Chin State.  Two military vehicles stopped overnight in Chaung Khua village. The troops stole three motorcycles, 700,000 Myanmar Kyats, a computer, electric generator, and domestic chickens.

October 8

At around 8 am, while more than 50 military vehicles from Gangaw were heading towards Kalaymyo, the SAC troops fired heavy artillery shells which exploded inside the compound of ​​Chaung Khua Baptist Church on the Kalay-Gangaw road.

In Thayar Gone village on Kalay-Gangaw Road, four houses, including a motorcycle repair shop, were set on fire by the military council troops.  U San Thang(40) and two villagers were threatened and arrested. One villager was shot in the leg by their gunfire. They also stole two motorcycles.

October 9

More than 20 military vehicles, including two tanks were traveling towards Tedim. When they reached Heizin village on the Kalay-Tedim road, they fired multiple rounds in the village to intimidate, and then stole or took by force food items, household goods, mobile phones, and domestic pigs and chicken.

In Thaingin village, they broke into the house of an 85-year-old woman and stole cash from Church donation box.

October 11

The military council troops in 50 military vehicles arrived in Lumbang village in Falam township.  They spent the night at the high school and the village tract hospital. They took television, rice, cooking oil and other items from a restaurant in Lumbang village.  In addition, one motorcycle from the construction office; 1 liter of diesel and home computer; cash donation for a local Church, some accessories, domestic chicken and pigs were taken by force.

October 13-14

The bodies of two Tuphei villagers, 29-year-old Thawng Lun Mang and 34-year-old Thawng Nei Mawi, were found on the side of the road near Pine Camp (ထင်းရှုးစခန်း) in Falam township.. They both were hit and killed on October 11, by bullets from the military council troops who were traveling from Kalaymyo.

In Rialti village, Falam Township, about 11 houses, including a Baptist church building and a warehouse, were set on fire by the military council.  Rialti was a village with a total of 11 houses and a population of 43.  Almost the entire village was destroyed by the military council troops.  The value of the loss was estimated at over 471.2 million Myanmar Kyats.

Estimate lost value of houses burned down in Rialti village
No Head of Household MMK
1 U Khup Hlei Thang    38,260,400.00
2 Daw Za Nei Men  101,580,000.00
3 U Thang Za Sawn    22,305,000.00
4 Daw Emlina     15,108,000.00
5 U San Cin    28,486,100.00
6 U Sang Hnin    89,012,000.00
7 U Van Hlei Ceu    44,730,000.00
8 U Sui Cem    76,481,000.00
9 Church building and shed     55,325,600.00
Total in MMK   471,288,100.00

On 14 October, 14 houses, including the Church pastor’s house, were set on fire by the military council troops in the new village of Thlanrawn which had about 30 houses.  In addition, about 10 houses were destroyed by the military council until they were uninhabitable.  The total value of the damage was estimated at over 131.1 million Myanmar Kyats.

Estimate lost value of houses burned down in Thlanrawn village
No Head of Household MMK
1 Pa Van Thawm Lian 10,771,000
2 Nu Sui Nei Iang 8,455,000
3 Pa Than Sum 5,478,000
4 Pa Hram Ngerh 14,470,000
5 Pastor Biak Thluai (Quarter) 13,066,000
6 Pastor Biak Thluai 2,036,500
7 Pa Nawl Kip Thang 7,018,000
8 Pa Mawng Uk Thang 8,205,000
9 Pa Mang Or 7,825,000
10 Nu Phun Thim 5,615,000
11 Pa Van Thawng Uk 5,345,000
12 Nu Hrang Kip Hliang 11,115,000
13 Pa San Mang 21,990,000
14 Pa Bawi Lian Nawl 9,716,000
Total in MMK 131,105,500

October 18

The military council troops camped in Taal village from October 17 until 19, and on October 18, they torched four houses in the village. In addition, the troops fired RPG at three houses which were totally destroyed. Moreover, household items, motorcycle, domestic animals, pots, and pans were either stolen or killed from six houses in the village.

October 19

  1. At around 3 am, the San Thawtar store in Lungpi Ward, Falam Township was set on fire and neighbourhood shop was also burglarized by the SAC troops.
  2. The military council troops camped in the Baptist Church in Ramthlo village, which had more than 160 houses.  They burglarized more than 100 homes.  Household and food items and domestic animals were stolen and killed.
  3. More than 30 military vehicles from the Military Council entered Tlangzar village and fired heavy artillery shells into the nearby village of Ramthlo.
  4. A house in New Thlanrawn village was set on fire and the contents of the Baptist church were burnt by the SAC troops.
  5. The SAC troops traveling from Mindat to Matupi entered Aye Thayar village. They broke into 27 houses and stole solar panels, food items, television, satellite disks and cultural items.

October 20

The SAC troops in about 35 military vehicles entered Chuncung village in Hakha Township and fired heavy artillery weapons.

October 23

  1. Four houses in Rezua village in Matupi township were destroyed by artillery fire from the military council troops.
  2. Returning from Hakha, the convoy of the military council stopped at Ramthlo village. They fired heavy artillery into and burglarized in the village.
  3. About 40 SAC troops in two military vehicles entered Than Pho Village in Kalaymyo Township. They searched inside the Redeemer church building and some homes.  Four villagers, namely, Baw Bawi, Zaw Min Tun, Sa Sang, David and one KhupLeng villager were arrested.

October 24-25

  1. On October 24, the junta troops returned and camped in Ṭaal village. They set 11 houses on fire. Eight of them were completely burnt to the ground.  Thirty-four houses were burglarized. The troops also left many homes with insulting messages on their walls.  Threats were written threatening to burn down the entire village.  Ṭaal was the village raided four times by the military council troops since July.  The property lost value of Ṭaal village due to the violent acts of the military council troops in October 2021 was estimated at over 128.4 million Myanmar Kyats.
Ṭaal village

2.Three houses in Thlanrawn village were set on fire by the Military council troops. The property lost value was estimated at over 18.9 million Myanmar Kyats.

Estimate lost value of houses burned down in Thlanrawn village
No Head of household Lost value (MMK)
1 Pa Dawt Hlei Cung                  9,176,000
2 Pa Biak San Ceu                  4,715,000
3 Pa Tawk Nei Zul                  5,025,000
Total in MMK                18,916,000

October 26

The military vehicle coming from Falam to Kalay stopped at Tuphei village in Falam township. The junta troops killed domestic chickens and pigs in the village.

October 29-30

The military council troops entered Thlantlang for the second time, firing heavy artillery shells and setting fire to more than 164 houses, including CB Bank building. The Church on the Rock (COTR) building, and the Presbyterian Church building were also involved in the blaze.

Almost all residents of Thlantlang had fled the city due to massive fires on September 18 and clashes between the junta troops and Chin resistance forces.  At this time, the military council troops led by Lt. Col. Thaung Hlaing from LIB 269, was stationed in Thantlang.

Houses still burning in Thantlang