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Statement on high death toll of Chins within 11 months under Myanmar junta: Over 160 Chins were killed

January 6, 2022

Within the 11 months, from the military coup on February 1 till December 31, 2021, the Myanmar junta troops killed 163 Chin people.

Among the deaths were 87 civilians (including 13 women) and 76 members from Chin resistance forces. Among them, three were killed by landmines planted by the Tatmadaw and the bodies of eight civilians were not recovered. Seven were either burned to death or killed in fire caused by the troops.

Some victims were killed when the Myanmar junta troops violently attacked on peaceful protesters and others lost their lives when the Military Council deployed heavy artillery and air strikes indiscriminately against innocent civilians. Some were arbitrarily arrested and tortured to death, some even burned to death. In addition to killing innocent civilians without any reason, the junta troops carried arson attacks, planted landmines, and fired heavy weapons into civilian neighborhoods. The Tatmadaw clearly appears to target the Chin civilians intentionally to create fear among the population.

The Myanmar Military Council’s systematic attacks and killings of civilians are clearly crimes against humanity and war crimes. The Myanmar Military Council must be held accountable for its crimes.

The ICA urges the Tatmadaw to immediately cease targeting civilians, their houses, and belongings, and to cease killing innocent people, particularly women and children and to refrain from indiscriminate firing and using heavy artillery against the civilian population.

The ICA also calls on the international community to intervene and increase pressure on the Myanmar junta to cease its military operations and human rights violations against the Chin People.


Chin Fatalities List: Chin-Fatalities_Feb_to_Dec_2021.pdf

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