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Helping and Donating to displaced people through Institute of Chin Affairs (ICA)  


In April 2023, Institute of Chin Affairs (ICA) donated 20 bags of rice, clothes and shoes to the displace people in Falam Township and including other necessary materials were also distributed.

While doing donation at a place in Chin State 

Institute of Chin Affairs donated around 400,000,000 Kyat (four hundred million Kyat) worth of consumer goods, food items to displaced people who settle in Falam Township and Kalay Town. And Morale trainings are held too to displaced people.

While giving oil, rice, salt and teaching materials to Refugee camp in Aizawl

Food products, consumer goods and children’s educational material were also donated to Myanmar Refugees in Mizoram State. In total, more than 100,000 rupees worth were donated to displace people through Institute of Chin Affairs.

While donating shoes and clothes to a Refugee Camp in Mizoram

As institute of Chin Affairs, humanitarian works continue in addition to education, health care and research papers.

Donating materials needed to Build a Camp somewhere in Mizoram