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January 12, 2024, Comment off

Research report: Peace and Prospects of Federalism for the Chin Community in Myanmar

We are happy to release a research report “Peace and Prospects of Federalism for the Chin Community in Myanmar”.

The report discusses the post-coup period in Myanmar in 2021 and the efforts of revolutionary forces, activists, and politicians to establish a federal democratic union. The revival of this dream is attributed to increased awareness among the majority Bamar ethnicity about injustices against minorities and the recognition of the need for unity against military rule. Political actors are working towards consensus on power distribution, territory division, and languages of each ethnicity to overcome past inconsistencies. The National Unity Government (NUG) plays a crucial role, and the Federal Democracy Charter outlines the vision for a federal democratic union. The focus is on equal rights and justice for ethnic minorities.

The study zooms in on the Chin ethnic group, known for its diversity, to understand their role in nation-building. The objective is to explore how Chin leaders and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have supported Chin diasporas and advocated for political representation under the federalism framework. The research method involves qualitative analysis, including a desk review, historical analysis, and 13 elite interviews with key Chin figures. The study is a collaboration between McMaster University and the Institute of Chin Affairs Inc., supported by the International Development Research Centre.

The report is organized into three sections: a literature review on federalism debates in Myanmar, a focus on the political struggles of the Chin people in the post-coup armed resistance, and findings from elite interviews. The conclusion addresses ongoing processes and discussions for establishing the federal union of Myanmar.

You can read the full report here: Peace-and-Prospects-of-Federalism-for-the-Chin-Community-in-Myanmar.pdf