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Statement on Military Junta’s Targeted Attacks on Religious Buildings and Inhuman Actions

8 April,2023


The body of Salai Sui Khaw Mang, an 18-year-old from Bualkhua Village who had been missing since April 3, 2023, when he left the Baptist Church in Pyinkhonegyi for Tayagone, was found on April 6 in Tingo Village. Based on the torture injuries found on the body and the dates and length of time that the Military Junta troops were stationed in Tingo Village, local charitable members who found the body strongly believe that his death was caused by the Military Junta troops. Additionally, the bodies of one local defense force member, whose identity is not yet known, and two civilians were also found.

Following this, the Myanmar regime troops burnt down four houses and a rice barn in Tingo village. They also broke into civilian homes in Chinsu (Haikhawl), Tingo, and Thingzung villages, stole valuables, and killed and consumed domestic animals that belonged to the villagers.

In Chinsu (Haikhawl) village, the Military Junta troops spent the night in the Baptist Church building, ransacking and destroying some items in the Church. They also damaged the Baptist Church building, the Assemblies of God Church building, and a church guest house in Tingo village.

Currently, 17 villages in the northern part of Kalay Township, such as Pyitawtha, Nann Chaung, Tayagone, Samitkuan, Ingyinkhung, Kyokyarkwin, Letpanchaung, Zonuam, Haikhawl, Tingo, Thingzung, Min Hla, Aungywa, Kim Lai, Shukhinthar, Chhaigyi, and Yazagyo, have had to flee the war either to the safety of the forest or to the city of Kalay, where their relatives live. More than 50,000 innocent people have fled the war from these 17 villages alone.

The Institute of Chin Affairs strongly condemns the inhuman killing by the Military Junta troops and their refusal to allow the dead bodies to be buried in the ground according to Chin tradition at the time of death, which is a person’s right, desecrating and deliberately damaging religious church buildings which are the symbols of Christianity, destroying the lives of innocent people and forcing them to flee from their homes.

The Institute of Chin Affairs calls on the international community to do whatever is humanely possible to stop the Military Junta from committing violence and atrocities in Chin State and all across Myanmar.


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